Remote Ready Architecture

Emergency Cloud Supplementation for Your Business

Due to a sudden shift in the way companies are doing business, VPNs and other critical IT infrastructure are getting overloaded, causing expensive employee downtime. Greenfield’s engineers will get your remote workforce back up and running quickly by customizing our turn key solution to fulfill your requirements, adding flexibility without sacrificing your company’s speed.

What you get:

  • Free initial consultation to discover existing issues, and determine project scope and specifics.
  • Solve your provisioning problems, and get your employees’ productivity back.
  • Simple, stable, and scalable architecture to support a remote workforce.
  • A solution in hours or days – not weeks or months.
  • Complimentary month of basic on-going support.

How we do it:

  • We supplement overwhelmed IT infrastructure with cloud resources, Direct Connected to your internal architecture.
  • We use trusted tools from CNCF, AWS and others to automate the deployment of your new infrastructure.
  • We set up a continuous deployment for all infrastructure, which creates stability and simplifies the process of testing and deploying changes.