Cloud Migration

Take your business to new heights.

Migrate your existing software to the cloud, seamlessly moving from the datacenter to the cloud. Moving to the cloud saves your company money, and sets the stage for further savings with a cloud-native refactoring.

What you get:

  • Free initial consultation to determine project scope and specifics.
  • Seamless migration of your existing software, whether open source, COTS, or custom, from the datacenter to the private cloud of your choice.
  • Opportunity to integrate with a wide array of cloud services.
  • Average of 30% savings on TCO.
  • Complimentary month of basic ongoing support or first month of executive support at a discounted rate.

How we do it:

  • We use Kubernetes and Terraform to build a near-duplicate of your existing architecture.
  • We slave the duplicate’s data to the original via native replication, Pentaho Data Integration or other ETL tools.
  • We interpose a router into the current traffic flow, allowing for safe and revertible redirection of live traffic from the old cluster to the new.