Bootstrap A Project

A custom setup for your team to build on.

Greenfield’s engineers will get you up and running quickly by customizing open source tools to fulfill your requirements, allowing for flexibility without sacrificing project speed. These projects can be scaled to meet your needs, whether it’s just three servers or millions.

What you get:

  • Free initial consultation to determine project scope and specifics
  • Simple, stable, and scalable architecture for your software (whether open source, COTS, or custom)
  • Custom layout based on known trusted patterns, without locking you in
  • Project hosted in the private cloud of your choice
  • Quick initial architecture - available in days, not weeks - allowing for quicker iterations to fine tune your software.
  • Complimentary month of basic on-going support

How we do it:

  • We work with a wide array of supported providers and technologies which allows us to quickly customize well vetted open source software to your projects specifications.
  • We use open source infrastructure tools like Kubernetes® and Terraform to automate the deployment of your software.
  • We set up a continuous deployment framework which simplifies the process of testing and deploying changes.
  • We continually seek to master new documented technologies, even on the fly if necessary, giving us the most up to date tools to provide you with a wider array of solutions.