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Scalable “Black Box” Load Testing Using Selenium Grid and StackDriver On GKE

My team had to contribute CI/CD pipelines, Infrastructure Automation, and some Quality Enforcements at many levels to some Kubernetes hosted application – all while not having any “power of decision” on any code at all.

Wrong Tool, Right Solution

When there’s reasons we can’t “do it right” we need to get creative We’ve all been in the situation where we know what needs to be done, but there’s something blocking us from getting it done. Often it’s time, budget, scope, authority or politics.  Political blockers are tricky to navigate because the ability to work…
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Into The Evergreen

Or: Early Advances In Rebuilding From Scratch I started The Greenfield Guild to bring cloud native and open source best practices to a wider audience. One of the first cloud native practices that I’m focusing on is one I call evergreen: completely rebuilding and updating all of your architecture on a regular basis. It’s one…
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Press Release: Cloud Supplementation for Smooth Transition to Remote Workforce

AUSTIN, Texas – March 15, 2020 With growing concerns over the Covid-19 virus, many businesses are moving to a remote workforce. This rapid shift in the way companies conduct business is causing problems, overloading VPNs and other infrastructure, ultimately causing expensive downtime due to critically strained systems. Internal IT departments are the most affected by…
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To Catch A Thief

Security requires regular outside testing, because small vulnerabilities can often be leveraged into a full-scale breach. A door left ajar can let in a family of raccoons, a small crack in the hull can sink a ship, and — in the case of a recent webserver penetration test — a poorly validated text input field can lead to an internal subnet hiding secured assets.

Escaping The Rabbit Hole

I love being faced with an impossible challenge. The limits of what is possible in IT are constantly expanding, and when something seems impossible there are almost certainly solutions available – solutions that aren’t visible to us yet.