Client Testimonials

It is an honor to have met Nathan over 10 years ago and I could clearly see his aptitude in technology but more importantly in human empathy and professional relationship building. Nathan has worked in more capacities of technology than most people as he is a a digital native and enjoys finding the best methodology for development and harnessing it then integrating it into mainstream practices. It is only natural that he would be the CEO of a company that works with the cream of the crop and can give you the attention to detail that your company needs in terms of technical advice, system structure, and implementation. Nathan was a guest speaker at Game Dev for the Negev in Israel, and was able to introduce new ideas and concepts that reached us on a down to earth level. I highly recommend him for speaking engagements and services to bring your office space or work hub to a place of much greater efficiency that in the long run will be more cost effective.

Nathaniel is a joy to work with. One small example: I wanted to pay him to build something for me and instead we dove into a fascinating discussion of what I actually wanted to accomplish that culminated in him pointing me to an off-the-shelf solution.

Nathaniel has worked with me over time and offered insight into my own growing business. As a massage therapist I didn’t need much of a tech nature since my work was organic. As I moved into education I slowly worked towards digital realms to deliver content (workbooks and digital videos) then most recently releasing a subscription service.

Over that time Nathan would slowly help me grapple with the insides of becoming a tech worker. I have increasing needs to use software and entered a new realm of trying to scale an information based business of digital content from having a formerly organic hands on business. During that time Nathan was able to guide me and help me understand issues of scale and distribution in addition to the complexities of a rapidly changing tech infrastructure.

His greatest gift is being able to take complex technical issues and explain them in a calm down to earth language for a non geek. Nathan can discuss elements of tech and programming that can make heads spin but he’s a rare talent in being able to convey information in an easy to use way. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He’s helped my business grow by leaps and bounds just by providing insight into the nuances of a different sphere of thought and did so without excess technical jargon.

I’ll return to Nathaniel again and again because I know that if I need tech support he’s a willing ear and able to recommend the easiest to use and implement solutions for any programming issue or tech issues I face.

Really can’t recommend him highly enough.

We honestly don’t understand anything about how Nathan does what he does, but the end result is that our servers and code migrations work really, really well. We have no idea what he looks like or what he’s up to when we’re not bothering him, but we suspect he only uses his technical powers for good.